Workers Comp

Workers’ Compensation
Workers’ Compensation Benefits
Under most workers’ compensation systems, an injured employee is entitled to the following types of benefits:
Medical Care
This includes all medical bills, prescriptions and mileage to and from the hospital, doctor’s office, or treatment facility.
Temporary Disability
If a leave of absence must be taken as a result of an injury suffered on the job, you may be entitled to temporary disability payments equaling approximately 2/3 of your normal gross pay.
Permanent Disability
If you are no longer able to perform your job duties and can no longer compete in the open labor market with uninjured workers, you may be entitled to a monetary award.
Vocational Rehabilitation
If you can no longer return to your former job, assistance in getting another job may be included in your benefits package.
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There are unique rules when dealing with work related injuries in NC, no matter where they occur in Harnett County, including the Dunn, Erwin, Angier, Coats, Cameron or Spring Lake areas. There are forms you must fill out, and you have to navigate your way through the Industrial Commission. Recently, the big money lobbyists have convinced the North Carolina General Assembly to change rules that benefit the insurance carriers. You need experience on your side so due to my workload I sometimes associate a lawyer skilled in this area; however, I maintain contact with you and you still get the personal attention from me.