The steps to getting a will are: 
  1. Figure out what you have
  2. Who do you want to get it
  3. Who do you want to make sure that person gets it
  4. Give us that information (bank, investment, insurance, land, home, cars, etc)

Of all the services my firm has been providing in this area, I am especially proud of assisting families in their estate planning. I may be the only attorney in this area that will sometimes make house calls (typically when a person’s health is bad – I charge an additional fee since my staff has to leave my office) to execute needed documents. Call 910-897-2105 to set up an appointment with my paralegal to get started.

Come in and review what we have prepared and make sure your wishes are met.
While getting a will for you, we typically encourage getting a power of attorney, health care power of attorney, and declaration of a desire for a natural death (often called a “living will”). I enjoy getting to know people and making sure their wishes are carried out. Unfortunately, I have lost some of those clients when they pass away, but I take great  comfort in knowing I helped their loved ones get what the client wanted them to have.
If you don’t have a will, no matter what age you are, you need to get one. I also recommend a power of attorney on almost all will preparations. My fees range for wills between $350 to $750 depending upon the complexity and documents we prepare. My experience has been that for the price ($150 for a POA) a power of attorney is the most valuable document we handle, especially considering the peace of mind that comes with knowing your loved ones are provided for.