Traffic Tickets

Conviction Points
Passing a stopped school bus 5
Aggressive driving 5
Reckless driving 4
Hit and run, property damage only 4
Following too closely 4
Driving on wrong side of road 4
Illegal passing 4
Failure to yield right of way to pedestrian 4
Failure to yield right of way to bicycle, motor scooter or motorcycle 4
Running a stop sign 3
Speeding in excess of 55mph 3
Failure to yield right of way 3
Running through red light 3
No driver license or license expired more than one year 3
Failure to stop for siren 3
Driving through safety zone 3
No liability insurance 3
Failure to report accident where such report is required 3
Speeding in a school zone in excess of the posted school zone speed limit 2
Failure to properly restrain a child in a restraint or seat belt 2
All other moving violations 2
Littering when the littering involves the use of a motor vehicle 1
Getting a speeding ticket or any kind of traffic tickets stinks, there is no nice way of putting it. I have represented countless clients and visitors in this area who have gotten a speeding ticket on I-95 near the Dunn, NC area. You know traffic violations are serious because they affect your insurance rates and sometimes your ability to drive. I wish I could say that I could make getting a traffic ticket in Harnett County pleasant, but I cannot. I can, however, make it easier than you may think.

You can call us at 910-897-2105 for a quote.

Reasons to Contact us:

• Most offenses do not require you to appear in court. 
• Contact us to sign the information needed to give us permission to appear on your behalf, and permission to pay the court the fines and costs as a courtesy to you as well as give you an idea as to what result you can expect.
• We take payments over the phone.
• I go to court to get the best result with my goal being to prevent insurance points and DMV points.
• My office will send you a letter telling you the results and will give you a printout of how the money you entrusted to me was spent.   
There are times when you may not need an attorney, and I will be candid with you if that applies to your situation.


Most frequent questions and answers

A. No. You will have to handle the ticket in the county where you received the ticket.

A. In certain circumstances, the court may grant you a limited driving privilege. This will allow you to drive under very limited circumstances, such as commuting to and from work.