Regain Your Lost License

If you have charges you have not handled in Harnett or surrounding counties, you can skip reading the information below and simply call 910-897-2105 to set up a consultation, either in person or if you are unable, over the phone.
One common problem for which people hire me is to assist them in getting back a valid driver’s license. The situation often happens like this: a young person gets a traffic ticket and does nothing; then gets another one and does nothing because that seemed to work the first time. However, in North Carolina after 20 days, DMV gets notified that you failed to appear in court (called an FTA) and then sends out a notice that it needs to be handled. The DMV then assesses a $200 FTA fee. In most instances, I can get those fees stricken to save the client additional money. A separate FTA and FTA fee is assessed each time a client fails to appear. This can make the hurdle even higher for someone trying to get their license back.
 The steps I take in handling Driving While License Revoked cases, (DWLR) are:
  • Order a driving record
  • Determine what has not been handled
  • Determine the counties, and the charges
  • If more than one county makes contact for the client to attorneys in those counties to get a price and anticipated result, this will determine the order I need to make to handle the matters to get the best result for the client.


The person then decides to handle the third one with the other ones outstanding, and suddenly has a revoked license. So they then decide to just pay off the first two and suddenly their license is in a state of permanent revocation. Well, it is difficult to get a job without being able to drive, so the person risks it and gets an occasional ticket for driving with a revoked license in Harnett County, whether it be in Dunn, Coats, Erwin, Angier, or Spring Lake. The person is then afraid to go to court for fear of having to go to jail (a real fear by the way on this charge), and so they don’t. There are then orders for arrest issued and that person, otherwise, a good hardworking person feels like they are hopelessly revoked.
This situation can be tricky to unravel, but I have had a lot of success in getting people into a situation where they can get their license back. In fact, recent changes in the law allow limited privileges for someone in the above situation. However, it is more important to confront the problem and handle all the matters that have not been handled. If you don’t, the cycle will never end.
I cannot guarantee to get a license back, but I can use my experience in putting you in a position to be able to get them back. My advice is to not miss court and don’t let things build up. These are harsh cases too, considering you can not only lose your license, pay fines and costs, but you can also go to jail for up to 120 days, depending upon your record.

My fee is approximately $450 for a charge of DWLR. The amount I charge to help clear up and handle a license depends upon the number and nature of the charges. I limit my representation to cases that arose in Harnett County and are heard at the Harnett County courthouse which is in Lillington, North Carolina.