About the Team

Timothy C. Morris, PA

My name is Timothy “Tim” Morris. I am a trial attorney and I have been practicing law for over 20 years, primarily in Harnett County. If you are reading this you likely have a reason so I’ll get to the point. I handle the following types of cases and matters:
     • speeding tickets and other traffic matters
     • Driving While Impaired Cases and other serious criminal offenses
     • Serious automobile wreck cases, including transfer truck wrecks
     • work related injuries, workers compensation law I am the only Board Certified Specialist in State criminal law in Harnett County.
Early in my career, I was a prosecutor and was able to learn a lot about the law and how things worked in the system. I represent people charged with everything from seat belt tickets to first-degree capital homicide cases. Most persons who get charged with something have a feeling of being disconnected and that affects their decision making.
Most are unfamiliar with how the system works. I strive to give people a feeling of being “connected” so they fully understand what I do for them and why I am doing it. I personally talk with my clients and will answer any questions you may have. My firm is small and you get personal attention from either me or a member of my staff.

Karen Lamm

Karen Lamm has been with my firm since 2001. She is a NC Certified Paralegal through the NC State Bar. Karen is married to Bill Lamm and has two children Kendall and Bradley. Karen is very active in the community and with her church. Karen assists me in all aspects of my practice mainly focusing on personal injury, wills, estates, and felony criminal matters.

Karen is a great asset to me. She loves what she does especially in the satisfaction of being able to help people even though they may be strangers. Karen also helps me in the management of my office and is indispensable in assisting in trial preparations.